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The Jos Alukkas Online Easy Buy is a jewellery purchase plan from Jos Alukkas. This, one of the easiest and best jewellery purchase schemes ever, will help you buy gold jewellery from Jos Alukkas in simple steps. We offer schemes of different durations and value to suit your budget.
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Jos alukkas easy buy gold purchase plan

In this arrangement the subscriber is hereby entering into an understanding to purchase jewellery from M/s Alukkas Enterprises (P) Ltd. for a fixed amount on or before 365 days from the date on which he entered into the understanding. By subscribing to the arrangement, he only enters into an understanding for purchase of jewellery and for payment of instalment for the agreed term for the purchase of jewellery and does not pay amounts in the nature of deposit/loan.

The systematic purchase advance instalment amount is fixed on entering into the understanding and must be paid in 12 instalments. The monthly purchase advance can be Rs.1000/-, Rs.2000/-, and Rs.5000/- as per the choice of the customers. A customer can join purchase advance arrangement by paying the first instalment.

  • A subscriber can enter into the understanding after carefully reading, understanding, and agreeing to its terms and conditions and submitting the fully filled in the online application. Along with the application, first instalment towards the purchase advance amount opted and photo ID of the subscriber is to be attached. If the aggregate purchase advance amount is Rs.2,00,000/- or more, the entire amount should be paid through banking channel and copy of PAN of the subscriber should also be furnished.
  • In this arrangement, a minor cannot be a subscriber. On entering into the understanding, subscribers ID is to be furnished and jewellery is to be purchased in the name of the subscriber only and subscription amount is not transferable. However the subscriber can appoint a nominee, who should be a major, and should furnish his ID and PAN in appropriate cases.
  • The term of the arrangement is to be fixed on entering into the understanding and the maximum term is 335 days (period of the arrangement). In this arrangement payment of the instalment amount cannot be postponed. It cannot be adjusted towards a different arrangement of the supplier and also the purchase advance paid cannot be claimed in cash under any circumstances.
  • The arrangement will be matured on payment of the last instalment of the purchase advance amount fixed, or on completion of 335 days from the date of joining this arrangements, which ever is later the instalments being paid without any default. No partial withdrawal from the installment amounts remitted is allowed. Under this arrangement gold coin/bar cannot be purchased in any circumstances.

The purchase advance amount will be accepted only through online using payment gateway and also directly in the designated banks.

The subscriber will get credit for the online payment amount only on realization of the amount in the bank account of the company. All bank charges/payment gateway charges for collection shall be borne by the subscriber.

Remittance of instalments will be accepted in advance, but the arrangement will not be matured before the due date and no special benefit/discount will be given against such advance payments. The subscriber is permitted to remit, maximum two default instalments during the whole period of the arrangement. All payments will first be adjusted towards defaulting instalment if any. Instalment payments will be blocked on the date of maturity of the arrangement (after 335 days from the date of joining) and thereafter no instalment amount can be accepted.

On maturity of the arrangement, the subscriber has to purchase gold jewellery from Jos Alukkas Online Store / any Jos Alukkas Outlet in India for the entire purchase advance amount remitted by him within a period of 365 days from the date of joining in the arrangement. If the subscriber did not turn up on before 365 days as stated above for purchase of jewellery, such amount will be deposited in the bank account of the subscriber for which he should provide his correct bank account details in the application submitted at the time of entering into the arrangement.

The subscriber, after remitting the entire instalment amount of the purchase advance on time, will be eligible for special discount like One Instalment Amount. If the subscriber pay 11 instalments or 10 instalments within the maturity period, their discount eligibility will be restricted to 80 % and 50% of the maximum special discount, respectively.

Periodical instalment payments are only towards the value of jewellery to be purchased as per the understanding and jewellery sale takes place only on termination of the arrangement term and on accepting the delivery of the jewellery by the subscriber for the advance amount remitted, upon which the subscriber will be liable to pay the applicable commercial tax liability.

All relevant taxes, statutory provisions and making charge (VA) etc. are applicable to this arrangement, on purchase of jewellery and the subscriber is to pay/comply with all such statutory provisions.

Benefits offered on purchase of jewellery under this arrangement will not be available for purchase for more than the amount agreed to under this arrangement and advance remitted. So also, other special/general offers announced by the company from time to time will not be available on jewellery purchase under this arrangement.

In case of premature closure of the arrangement, the subscriber will not be eligible for any benefits offered on entering into the understanding.

The Company has the sole discretion to alter, amend, modify the terms of this understanding and/or to discontinue it, without issuing any prior intimation. In case of loss or misplacement of original passbook, a duplicate may be issued against the written request in the prescribed format maid by the original subscriber within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.

All disputes in connection with this arrangement will be in the jurisdiction of the appropriate court of Thrissur (Kerala State).

Income Tax will be deducted at source in accordance with the provisions of the Act, from the subscribers and they shall provide copies of PAN card. If any subscriber wishes not to deduct tax at source shall submit Form No.15G/15H along with a copy of PAN, in advance. In the case of TDS, the total purchase advance amount remitted, will be reduced proportionally and jewellery can be purchased only for the balance amount.