Who can enroll for Jos Alukkas Online EASY BUY ?
Anybody above 18 years of age is eligible to enroll for Jos Alukkas Online EASY BUY and pay instalments online. Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before enrolling.
How do I enroll for Jos Alukkas Online EASY BUY ?
To enroll, you need to register by filling the registration form on our website. Once registered, you can fill in the enrollment form with the details of the Jos Alukkas Online EASY BUY scheme you want to opt for, and pay the first instalment online.
Can I enroll now and pay later ?
No, you need to pay the first installment online before you are given an enrollment number.
If I have enrolled online, can I pay at the Jos Alukkas showroom ?
No, currently you can pay instalments only online.
Can I change my scheme after enrollment ?
Once the first instalment is paid, you cannot change the scheme.
Who is a nominee? Whom can I nominate ?
In the event of the death of the account holder, the account is transferable only to the person who is nominated by the account holder in the enrollment form at the time of opening the account (nominee details).
What are the available payment options ?
There are multiple payment options online: Pay every month using your debit/credit card, or via net-banking
How can I see my payment status ?
Whenever you want to see your scheme status, you can log in using your username and password and go to the ‘My Accounts’ page. Click ‘View Details’ to see the details of your account.
Do I get any payment alerts ?
Yes. During enrollment, if you opt for getting SMS reminders, you will receive reminders and confirmation messages for all payments. This will happen only if you are not a DND/NDNC registered customer.
How do I know if my payment has been credited to my Jos Alukkas Online EASY BUY account ?
You will get a confirmation email and SMS (if opted for) confirming your payment. You can also go to ‘My Accounts’ and see your payment details.
What happens if my payment fails ?
If your payment fails due to any reason, you will not be led to the confirmation page. In this case, you need to retry after some time. Jos Alukkas will not be responsible for any payment failure due to any reason.
Can I pay all instalments at once ?
No, you cannot pay all installments in a month.
How many instalments can I pay in a month?
You have to mandatorily pay one instalment in a month, every month. Over and above that, you can pay additional amounts if you so wish.
What happens if I miss paying instalments?
If you delay or miss paying instalments, you can pay the instalments in the following month.